Sunday, February 22, 2009

skin care products

Whoa. I have been cruising the skin care aisles looking for products that will work with my skin. I believe that women our age are definitely being targeted. I'm surprised they don't employ barkers to hawk this stuff. I just wanted to find a facial moisturizer that would do a little something to even my skin tone, blend away wrinkles, and "brighten" my skin. I saw that in an ad. I am not sure what that means, but "bright" sounds young, doesn't it? I went to Target, CVS, the supergrocery, Walgreens, etc. I found the land of Olay - where I can spend big $ on very scientific sounding dermatological tested ingredients that promise to lift skin, remove wrinkles, and make me look like Christie Brinkley - well not really, but she is my hero.

I used to use a Ponds anti-aging towlette. $5 and did a nice job getting rid of the wrinkles. After a few years, my skin began to get more sensitive - not really dry, but sensitive. I can still break out if I put something goopy on my face. My mother told me that breakouts and blemishes would be gone by the time I was 19. She was waaaaay wrong. So I looked for something else and came upon a L'Oreal product called Age Perfect for Mature Skin. I was sure this was for the nursing home crowd or at least the Mah Jong League. But they had a nice cream based cleanser with "micro-beads" to gently exfoliate. It sounds like a spa treatment, so I went for it. Oh, and the price is right - $8. I love it. I guess my skin is mature. Cleanses, exfoliates, wrinkles be gone, and does not dry the skin.

One day I noticed my forearm and wrist. It looked like my skin was bunching up and hanging. WTF? It almost looked paper-y. You know what I mean - old lady skin. AAAAACCCCCKKKK! Back to the store to see if there was a firming body lotion that would regenerate my skin's youthfulness, elasticity, firmness, and make me look like I am not an old lady.

Luckily, I found a wonderful product - made by Vaseline. It comes in a lavender pump bottle and does wonderful things for my skin - including banishing that aging, saggy look. The only quibble I have is that it smells like tea when you put it on. The price you pay for beauty, but it won't break the bank. A large pump dispenser is about $6. I want to look fabulous, but I am only willing to lay out so much cash.

Next, I am going to tackle the puffy bags that are under my eyes. They must be banished!

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