Thursday, April 2, 2009

Online Dating v. Bumping in the Pool

So after my train lethario told me of his internet dating issues, I thought about my own experiences. It never seemed to work out for me, but it may be because I wrote intimidating personal statements that dared even the bravest man to ask me out. But hey, I was out there!

I have a friend who had a bad experience on e-harmony (bleh!) and has now taken the plunge again on Now "Must Love Dogs" is one of my favorite movies, and wouldn't we all love to meet John Cusack on! But my friend said getting on line is more likely to help her meet someone than just sitting at home on her couch. She also said friends had suggested she troll the supermarket for dates. Ummmm. no. Like the old Animal House scene where the handsome playboy U student props Mrs. Wormer in the produce section by showing her his cusumber. I want to be able to return to my market and not make it off limits because I found a lemon there.

I tell friends that when you open yourself to others, you will meet people. When you are closed and suspicious, no one is going to talk to you. It's kind of like bumping around in a crowded pool. You can bob around and not talk to anyone or you can have fun and play with whomever you bump into. I would rather take my chances with an in-person, live encounter than putting up a persona and asking people to review it for compatibility. Ugh.

I have another friend who met her husband in the personal ads (long ago, before the internet...). I never did a personal ad. I guess I just prefer looking for in-person chemistry. I'm a hopeless romantic. My best friend and I each distinctly remember the moment we met. Kismet :)

So I embrace all the modern technologies - like blogging, twitter, facebook, linkedin, email, web page...I'm out there! There must be some guys out there for me that don't wear ill-fitting suits with wild hair or at least if they do, they have a great wit and intellect!


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